What is Studio Shed?

Studio Shed was founded in Colorado in 2008 to provide a high-end alternative to the majority of backyard sheds in the marketplace. They are built to residential construction standards using the highest quality materials and are significantly differentiated from “traditional” backyard sheds. The construction methodology of a Studio Shed has more in common with high-end home construction and materials than traditional backyard storage sheds.

How long will it take to receive my Studio Shed?

The turnaround time for orders placed through the Costco Roadshow program is 4-6 weeks from order to the installation of your product. Lead times can vary depending on installer availability.

Do I need a building permit?

This varies by location and the size of the Studio Shed you are considering. Generally you can build up to a 10’ x 12’ structure in most communities without a building permit, but again, this can vary – you’ll need to give a quick call to your local building department to verify. If you are finishing the interior of your Studio Shed, an electrical permit may be necessary, and this is often an “over-the-counter” permit with a simplified process compared to a full building permit.

What if I find out that I do need a building permit?

If you need to permit your Studio Shed, we can provide architectural plans of the structure at no charge to submit to your building department. If more information is required in your city or county, we can prepare engineer-stamped drawings that are specific to your site, foundation requirements, and other local restrictions. Additional charges will apply for this service, and modifications to the foundation may be necessary to meet local requirements in some areas. While we will assist with providing the information your building department requires, permitting your Studio Shed is the responsibility of the customer.

How do I order?

Studio Shed’s Costco selection is available exclusively at Costco Roadshow events. Complete your order form with a representative in person during the 10-day event and you’ll work with our Customer Experience team to schedule your delivery and installation date. Our lead-time is 4-6 weeks depending on the local installation calendar in your area. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and encourage you to call us directly with questions at any point throughout your order process.


What are they made of?

The wall panels are built using Zip System® sheathing which contains an integrated rubberized moisture and vapor barrier. Siding is James Hardie® fiber cement panels over metal reveals. Structural panels are built with a mix of dimensional lumber and high-end engineered lumber (LSL and LVL) that is then clad in brushed aluminum creating a clean and seamless look. Studio Shed uses high-efficiency double pane glass in both our fixed CloudLite™ windows and our operable 36” x 36” awning windows. The roof system is made from 2×6 full-length rafters, ¾” ACX Plywood, and long-lasting Galvalume®, which stands up to the harshest wind and snow loads in the country.

Why use such high-end materials for just a “shed”?

Studio Sheds function beautifully as storage buildings, and many of our customers use them for just such a purpose. They are a great option for a stylish backyard storage shed that can become an integral part of a backyard renovation or landscaping project. However, the quality of the building significantly expands what these small structures can be used for. Many of our customers use them as art or creative studios, home offices, backyard retreats and more.

What is the difference between the three models?

Studio Shed has selected three of our most popular Signature Series designs for the Costco Roadshow program. They are the Pagoda, Boreas, and Solitude. All three share the same construction quality and mix of materials. They all include (2) 36″ x 36″ high-efficiency operable windows and our signature CloudLite™ transom windows across the top of the structure.

The Pagoda includes our signature VistaLite™ vertical window, which is a structural aluminum-clad window at one corner. The Pagoda also includes a 36″ full-lite door by Thermatru, which is a residential quality double pane glass single door. It is available in two configurations, with the door either on the right or left side of the front of the structure. The Pagoda has the most interior wall space for shelving and flexible layout possibilities.

The Boreas includes a 72″ full-lite French door by Thermatru, which allows for more integration with indoor and outdoor spaces and more natural light inside the structure.

The Solitude includes a 72″ full-lite French door as well as our full-lite front elevation, which is a seamless brushed aluminum front elevation with double-pane glass on both sides of the door. This is one of our most popular options, and creates an expansive view from the interior as well as maximizing natural light inside the structure.

How does installation work?

Studio Shed’s Costco models include installation in the retail price. Studio Sheds are panelized in our Colorado factory for a clean and efficient installation with a minimum of time in the field and site disruption and mess. Installation typically takes two business days. The structure is typically “dried-in” on day one, with all walls and the roof system in place. Siding and decorative trim is applied on day two, at which point the building is ready for use as a storage building or workshop – or ready for the customer’s interior finishes and electrical wiring if they choose.

How do I get a finished interior?

Finishing the interior is up to the customer, but it is a simple process using readily available off-the-shelf materials. The interior of our window system is designed to integrate easily with standard ½” drywall sheets. Many of our customers either do this work themselves or work with their preferred contractor. The steps involved in finishing the interior usually include wiring the shed with electricity, placing insulation into the wall cavities, and hanging drywall or a similar interior wall cladding material. It’s that easy!

How does the foundation work?


Studio Shed’s Costco models include a turnkey foundation system which is exclusive to Costco. It includes poured concrete piers for a secure attachment to the earth as well as LP ProStruct® flooring and a brushed aluminum skirt to match the exterior of the Studio Shed. Installation of the foundation system is included in the retail price provided that the site is level to within 6” across the footprint of the building.


Do the rafters need to be treated?

It depends on your preference and your location. In some climates they can be left untreated. In harsher locations we recommend either painting or staining the rafters and eaves within six months of purchase.


Do you offer a warranty?

All Studio Shed products as well as our professional installations are backed by a 1 year warranty covering material defects and workmanship. Additional manufacturer warranties apply to our doors, windows and certain other products included with your Studio Shed.