About Us

Studio Shed is a national leader in the rapidly growing market of smart, well-designed, prefabricated backyard structures.

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dsc_0052A backyard shed is no longer simply an afterthought, or a place to hide unwanted belongings. Today backyard sheds can be found with finished interiors fully wired for power and Internet and made with sustainable materials and production techniques.

People are discovering that these single-room structures work beautifully as home offices, art or recording studios, storage spaces, guest rooms and much more. Studio Shed is pioneering the most efficient and affordable ways to deliver these refined products to clients from coast to coast.

Studio Shed’s vision is to inspire new ways to think about our lifestyle needs, and help foster emerging trends of smarter and more flexible spaces. Our own experience with the lifestyle benefits that come with these small structures fuels our passion and inspires us.

A Studio Shed is more than just a place to put things. It can be a space that saves a family the consumption and cost of a home addition, or a place that allows another to forego a polluting and time consuming commute. Beyond our commitment to sustainable materials, these are the impacts that a humble backyard shed can have on our world.

By creating the best possible product and customer experience for this important purchase, we intend to lead this “shed revolution” and redefine a category along the way.

Studio Shed’s Costco selection represents our most popular products at special Costco member pricing. Visit our calendar of Costco Roadshow dates to see a Studio Shed in person, and learn more about our company and product. We look forward to seeing you there.